As Director of Innovation, Chief Research Officer I was also a cofounder of Nexplore, a Digital transformation startup company supported by HOCHTIEF & Grupo ACS, the largest AECC conglomerate in the western hemisphere with 1.5K+ subsidiaries. Nexplore boasts 20+ cutting-edge AI and cloud-based technologies which streamline and simplify preconstruction activities and onsite construction operations while ensuring quality and generating new sources of revenue.
I spearheaded all U.S. operations across two centers which facilitate R&D in product design and development for six construction software products. Employed data-driven decision-making to facilitate strategic direction, global operational structure and standards, cultural development, software engineering, product development, research, and talent management. Managed a $10M annual budget and utilized a straight-forward and open leadership style to coach and direct a team of six managers and 35+ staff members.
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