Ezbet Abu Qarn, Informal settlement Cairo, Egypt_Colored Pencil
Exploring the dichotomy of vulnerability and ingenuity of youth in Cairo's informal settlements as they forge their future above the struggles of the present.
Based on a photo by Dr. Manal El-Shahat
Masakin Zenhom, Informal Settlement, Cairo, Egypt_Oil Pastels
"These things are beautiful, but they are all damaged. Life itself is damaged, and nothing which is perfect can be truely alive" - Christopher Alexander
Based on a photo by Olga Schlyter
Old Cairo Cable Car_Graphite
A study of Islamic Cairo in its glory; in a collapse of past and future where sustainable, modes of transport, donkey, will be augmented by cable car. Perhaps a viable solution for a densified, organic and an informal urbanity.
Islamic Cairo_Graphite
Islamic Cairo embodied a deep understanding of resilient urbanism as an interdependent composition of buildings, composed of contextually functional and beautiful set of building elements. The notion of Unity in Multiplicity permeated all aspects of society, exhibited through art and architecture’s poetic manifestations. 
East is West_Graphite
Cairo’s present; a carefully stitched set of urban circumstances forged by a complex set of sociopolitical narratives. The result is a dense temporal layering, stratified into four distinct divisions; Pharaonic, Coptic, Islamic and Modern.
Informal Cafe, El Darb El Ahmar, Cairo_Graphite
The ingenuity of informal Cairo is a lesson for designers and thinkers. This intervention takes its cues from and builds on this ingenuity to fashion an impromptu, informal café. Tables, partitions roll out of corrugated metal doors, even hole floors are hung from the suspended squatter (Rabea).
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